This department exists to serve all other ministries in the church by providing their technical expertise.

The Communication Department is responsible for providing good internal and external communication.  We endeavor to present the best and latest information to the local church.  The communication department is comprised of the Sound Technicians, the Web Administrators and the Media Personnel.

We record service sermons to DVDs. Visually, we project the words of songs on a large screen, to help saints learn new songs and to give visitors the ability to sing with us. We also display scriptures and PowerPoint presentations of  announcements and upcoming events.

Communication Leader:

June Richards

Our Departmental Team members:

Articles and Newsletter production: J Richards, B Grant

Bulletin production:J Hamilton

Website updates: J Byron, A Jeffrey

Audio-Visual production: R Gardner, J Hamilton, A Jeffrey S Ajayi, V Mendzis-Brown 

Camera crew:  R Gardner  J Evans, J Joseph-Jeffrey

Photography crew: 


Sponsor: Leroy Grant