Music Director: Leroy Grant

 Music Department


The mission of the music department is to enrich our church services with music for the glory of God. We aim to do this by providing music for special items, meditation and worship through our choirs, soloists, vocal groups and instrumentalists. We also aim to provide training & mentoring for our young musicians.


There are three separate choirs: 

 Senior choir (Church choir) lead by Sisters R Blake and J Barratt. This choir consisting of members who have been singing together for over 35 years, since the early years of our original Ward End SDA Church, with many of the original members still ‘holding their part’.  

 Teens Choir lead by Sis K Grant has recently formed, is a great means by which our teenagers can unite socially and spiritually, whilst also helping each other to the kingdom of God.

 Children’s Choir lead by Sis E. Foster has as its goal to provide a vehicle for the smaller generation to share their musical gifts, while bringing glory to our King. It caters for children up to the age of 10 yrs old.  

 Sisters in Praise 

This is a ladies group with members who are over 21 years old, most of whom are not part of the above choirs, but are fairly experienced singers.

 Praise Team

Each week based on a rota, members of the praise team lead the singing for our song services and hymn singing, with the aim that our members sing together in a timely and united manner. 


We have a range of musicians of varying levels of experience and competence, playing a variety of instruments, including Piano/keyboard, acoustic/electric/bass guitar, violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet, euphonium and drums. We have an ethos of training and development within our church, encouraging beginners to play whenever possible with the more experienced musicians so they can learn from them, be guided by them and so develop their skills and musicianship.  

Our musicians provide the accompaniment for the choirs, groups and soloists whenever possible. 


Most of our musicians are members of the Midlands SDA Chamber Orchestra members primarily from our sister churches in the Birmingham and the Midlands area of England, UK,

 Leroy Grant

Music Director